Ultra-portable, high performance,
open source multimedia framework.


True Cross-Platform

Build your applications natively to desktops, tablets, phones and consoles. Implement once, run everywhere: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, Flash, Raspberry Pi, Xbox One and even Unity 3D.

Powered by Haxe and the krafix shader-compiler Kha can cross-compile your code and optimize your assets for even the most obscure systems.

It can even run on top of other game engines and its generational graphics and audio API design will get the best out of every target, supporting super fast 2D graphics as well as high end 3D graphics.


All the source code, all the time - no black boxes.
Great performance on each platform.
Generational graphical/audio API design.
Hardware accelerated 2D and high-end 3D graphics. Fallback support (i.e. html5 canvas).
Can run on top of other game engines (i.e. Unity3D).
Write shaders in GLSL and cross-compile to target specific shaders.
Kha apps can also be compiled to C# or Java libraries
Flexible and robust backend system. Adding your own takes little effort and is straight forward.
One API for all platforms!
Support for VR technology (W.I.P).
Networking multiplayer support (W.I.P).
Dedicated IDE : Kode Studio.