Multimedia Framework


everything you need.

Visual Studio Code in combination with the Kha Extension Pack is the easiest way to get started. After downloading Visual Studio Code the Kha Extensnion Pack can easily be found in the extension panel.


your project and conquer the world!

You can easily start a new project skeleton for Kha. Create a new directory and open it in Visual Studio Code via the Open Folder command in the File menu.

Now hit F1 and enter Kha - hit the "Init Kha Project" option.


and debug your application.

Batteries are included, use the debugging tab on the left (or just hit F5) to start your new Kha application.

Debugging features like breakpoints work as you'd expect.


to any supported target and spread to all!

Kha doesn't try to directly compile projects completely. Instead it creates project files for the most popular IDEs, allowing you to debug, profile, tweak, develop or just compile the project. This is a little less convenient but much more flexible.

Hit Ctrl+Shift+B.

It will bring up a list of supported target systems and build the project for the system you chose. For Windows this will generate a Visual Studio solution, for macOS an Xcode project.

Project files are by default created inside of a build subdirectory.